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Barbara Borden


I have been fortunate throughout my long, full life to have music and drumming as my constant companions. I began by banging on pots and pans. My immigrant mother and greatest fan bought me my first toy drum at age five. My older twin sisters, Rosalyn and Marilyn, The Borden Twins, performers of stage and screen, financed my first drumkit. I was ten. The drums became the centerpiece in our small living room and in my life.

I loved playing my drums. I felt like I had my own magical room. I knew that when I sat down at the drums I would feel calmer and happier within a few minutes. I was totally engaged, challenged, even frustrated sometimes. But I loved the sound and vibrations that came from the drums.
They soothed my soul and still do.

Drumming is my deepest connection to The Heartbeat of All Life. I love to drum. I love to help others become more alive through drumming. I know that when I am drumming I feel uplifted, electric, connected to everything and everyone, deeply happy.

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