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We are Carrie and Eva, two women drummers living in the San Francisco Bay Area, lay anthropologists, feminists, and students of the world. We met in 2015 at a Drum Circle Facilitator Training with Arthur Hull, and had an immediate sister-drumming bond. We shared not only a love of drumming, but a deep curiosity about what it is that draws so many incredible women to the drum, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


We have deep gratitude for our teachers who have opened the path of the drum to us. Infinite thanks for the women who have taken their time to be interviewed and patiently awaited this project’s outcomes. We hold reverence for those who have worked through their inner and outer obstacles to pursue drumming and follow their passion. And most of all, gratitude for the call of the drum and Mother Earth’s heartbeat itself for speaking to us long ago, and supporting us to be on this journey.


We welcome feedback, inquiries, and collaboration requests. 

Please contact us at: 

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