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She Drums is a music documentary series that journeys through rhythm, voice, culture, and exploring the destinies of women drummers. Enjoy interviews and percussion footage of over 30 women drummers from a variety of cultural backgrounds living in or with connection to the San Francisco Bay Area. Get updates on the project by signing up here.

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Click on the photo to watch interviews and drumming footage of Mar Stevens.

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While drumming and percussion is an age old practice throughout humanity, women have been excluded from it in many cultures in the last several hundred years. 

The She Drums Project explores the taboo around women drumming in many different cultures, including the United States, and paints a picture of how many women drummers have paved the way for the craft to be more commonly accepted. There are now millions of female drummers around the world, and it's a fast growing "movement."
We also explore the themes of how women developed as drummers from childhood or later in life, obstacles they face in advancing as professionals, the different uses of drumming, and more.


We welcome feedback, inquiries, and collaboration requests.

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